Items for SALE

If you are interested please send an email to

The items are in Barcelona (Spain)

BMA autopilot for Sale.

The system is complete with 2 servos, the controller and the cables. It was installed in a BMA EFIS SPORT Gen4 and was working perfectly at the time it was removed from the plane.

Asking price 200€+ shipping

VM1000C for sale.

-It was installed in a plane with Aerosance FADEC. It has the software version for communication  to  FADEC system and get the engine parameters from it. Ii is only the VM1000C screen, with no sensor or cables.

asking price 75€ + shipping.

ANDAIR electrical fuel boost pump and filter for sale

High pressure fuel boost pump made by ANDAIR.  Part number PX375-TC. It goes with its filter, part number FX375MK. It was removed from the plane because the new system came with a new fuel pump system.

Asking price 290€+ shipping

Mechanical Lycoming fuel pump for sale

Mechanical fuel pump (injected ) for sale. LW15473. It was removed from the plane because the new system not requires a mechanical fuel pump

Asking price 250€+shipping